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The world of embroidery, just like any other “main” artistic medium, knows no limit to its variety. Today, we want to present to you Julie Sarloutte, a young artist whose language and work are both very colorful  – she brings the old technique into our modern world with a unique kind of creativity.
All pictures are protected by copyrights © Julie Sarloutte. Thank you

Interview by Claire de Pourtalès

You studied Fine Arts and suddenly felt in love with an unusual technique – wasn’t this a bit complicated?
Not really, no. It was absolutely clear, easy for me. The hardest part was to let go of cross stitching and all the walls I had in my mind. I realized that I could stitch with long stitches, that I could put them on top of each other, whatever I wanted! From then on, it was just a blast!

On my own, 2014 – Needlepainting, 19 x 27 cm © Julie Sarloutte

On what support do you stitch?
I have worked on leather (I’ve stitched many jackets for myself!). I’ve also stitched on painted silk, but really now, everything goes, as long as I like it. I like trying new things, going outside any boxes I still have. My last works were stitched on inked-dyed cotton fabric 🙂

There is no other way, 2017 – Needlepainting, 80 cm © Julie Sarloutte
Pour l’honneur – En toute inutilité (For honor and Nothingness) © Julie Sarloutte

Do you feel that your art speaks for itself? Do you have the impression that your work has a direct connection with the public?
Not always… Some people still refer to it as “good craftsmanship”. But no, it is not craft, it is art.. I don’t understand why it is so hard for people to realize that embroidery can be used for art… I really do help them, framing my work and all!

What I really like doing (what I try to do), is to gather people from all parts. People who visit museums, who are sensitive to art, and people who don’t feel comfortable with that, who feel lost in a museum (like me). I have chosen to represent pop culture characters in the hope that the latter group will feel that they have the right to enjoy their culture, that they can feel at ease with it.

Is there a piece that has a special meaning for you?
I have many actually… My barber from “For Honor and Nothingness” because it went viral on internet. My Witcher “On my signal, let Hell loose” because it is the biggest work I’ve done. My portrait of Torben Liebrecht (Altered carbon) Cancel the war, because I met him in Vancouver with Chris Conner and Lela Loren, and many other works…

A mon signal déchaine les enfers (On my signal, let Hell loose) © Julie Sarloutte

Can you make a living from your art? Do you receive commissions?
The world of Art is very tough regarding sales. Sometimes I can make some money, sometimes I have to work on the side. It is the case right now, but I try to work part-times so I can still have time for my stitching. I have started to take commissions from photos, to try to live by it. It is always fun to see how my customers react to the finished work, when they recognized people they know. It is very rewarding!

Take it, needlepainting, 2018, 30 cm © Julie Sarloutte

Can you share some anecdotes?
Because of my hours of stitching I hurt my muscles a few years ago, with stiff neck and all. But the more I suffered, the more I needed to stitched! I was like an addict… Since then, I have a hard time sleeping on my belly and I have to practice swimming. Embroidery is a physical art!

I have a great memory from last year. I was living in Vancouver (Canada), as Artist in residence. It is a city were many films and series are made. I’m a huge fan of Altered Carbon (a Netflix series). I had stitched a portrait of Poe (Chris Conner) the year before and I knew they were making the second season when I was there. So I decided to contact Chris to give it to him. One day, I was walking on Granville Island. I sat with my coffee and a croissant. A seagull started to attack me to steal my croissant! So I moved to another bench, and just there was Chris with his wife Erin Way who is also an actress. They are such nice people, so welcoming. I found myself having a barbecue with them, 2 other actors of the series and the producer! All thanks to a crazy seagull!

Khador 01 © Julie Sarloutte

Works by Julie are on sale here Galerie AIAP and here Chromosome A.

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