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Talent definitely does not count the number of years! Encounter with Alicja Kozlowska

The roots
Since childhood, art has been with me. In kindergarten I was already taking lessons with artists from different backgrounds. I attended a high school which favors the arts, where I studied graphic design.
I started to embroider small accessories. Then one day I saw embroidered photos. This allowed me to get into the mix of techniques. I am always looking for new techniques, new inspirations, I like this evolution.

Sardines in a can ©Alicja Kozlowska
M and M’s ©Alicja Kozlowska

The idea
I am mostly inspired by everyday life, mass culture, things that are not important and yet are essential to our everyday life. I mix that up with Pop Art. I am very intuitive, I leave the creation unfold under my fingers. And often I am surprised myself by the result!
I choose objects that have both an interesting shape, a well-known logo and which, on the other hand, can be a tool with which I can experiment with ideas.

The technique – machine or hand – does not matter. The idea is the most important aspect. During the creative process, subconsciously I cut the object into several parts, then the colors and shadows blend together and I can work with my threads.

Chupa ©Alicja Kozlowska
Lego ©Alicja Kozlowska

I’ve always been inspired by Andy Warhol and Pop Art. What fascinates me most about Warhol is the elegance, simplicity and directness of his paintings – his ability to distill a world of information through minimal but sharp painting. His work reveals the complexity of the social and technological world. He works with the deepest human emotions: desire, fear, voyeurism and how each plays with our culture.
Andy Warhol followed with humor and mischief what Marcel Duchamp had launched. I learned from them the connection between craftsmanship and mass production, the connection between art and the objects we use every day.

Martens ©Alicja Kozlowska
Macdonalds ©Alicja Kozlowska

Painting with a needle is the format that allows me to talk about cultural indifference.
We are surrounded by logos, advertising, identical products. But my goal is to show that art exists everywhere, even in these everyday objects. I like to create a unique work out of this mass production.

Ketchup Heinz ©Alicja Kozlowska

The artist and her work
To this day, the most important work for me is “Andy”. I was inspired by Andy Warhol’s famous Banana to create mine. This is my first work exhibited in a museum. It is also the first work created during my trip across Europe. It is made of felt, cotton and other common materials. It’s a mix of embroidery and quilting.
My sculptures are exhibited at LAM, the Museum of Modern Art in Lisse (Netherlands). One of the founders of this movement, a knowledgeable connoisseur, saw my work and expected an artist much older than me, with much more experience. What a compliment!

Banana peel / Peau de banane ©Alicja Kozlowska

I also had the honor and joy of becoming a member of the SEW Association, formed by the best embroidery artists. I feel privileged!
I am starting to sell some works, to exhibit them as well. I have been fortunate to be noticed by several websites and newspapers. I have a lot of fans, but I still have a long way to go before I can make a living from my art.

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Gourmet ©Alicja Kozlowska
Lays ©Alicja Kozlowska
Clin ©Alicja Kozlowska
Coca Cola ©Alicja Kozlowska
A dangerous combination ©Alicja Kozlowska

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