Second series of the Textile Tales from Paris – March-July 2022


In January and February 2022, Rebecca Devaney shared her Sunday evenings with us, talking about the history of Parisian fashion and its leading figures. Meetings in English – relevant information, a very cozy atmosphere, a warm and fun hostess: a delicious and exciting moment!

She continues this cycle from March to July. Prepare some tea, some embroidery, a nice armchair, and let Rebecca tell you some pretty stories on the last Sundays evenings from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. (Paris time)!

27 March (Fashion Changes but Style Endures)
24 April (A Sprinkling of Fairy Dust)
29 Mai (Fits like a Glove!)
26 June (Pretty in Print)
24 July – be careful – this is not the last Sunday of July! (The Fairytale of French Fashions and the Underwear that Shaped Them!)

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