New exhibition in Caen (France) – Leslie Lucas


For technical reasons, it is no longer possible for me to offer a gallery of works of art for sale. But I still want to continue to support artists who use (fully or partially) embroidery as a means of expression.
The embroiderer Leslie Lucas has created a series of works combining paint, gold leaf and small embroidery stitches. They are exhibited until June 19, 2021 in Caen (France), 20 rue du Havre, in the boutique Entre Cigale et Fourmi.

Pluie céleste #26 deetail © Leslie Lucas
Or céleste noir,  25 x 25 cm #22 deetail © Leslie Lucas

Leslie Lucas: “The Ors Céleste (Celestial Golds) series was born from the desire to explore the depths of the soul, instinctive, spiritual, directly linked to femininity and nature. Landscapes and inner paths appear on the sensitive surface of the paper , in spiritual and free blues, married to gold, volatile, radiant, nourished by Byzantine icons. ”

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 Moon # 24 © Leslie Lucas

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